Sasha Wolf | Keynote

Saturday May 12 at 6:30pm | 918 Bathurst


This lecture will focus on the keys to an advanced body of photographic work as articulated by a selection of successful artists from Matthew Pillsbury to Kris Graves to Gus Powell. We will look at samples of their work, along with others, and hear, in their own words, how they navigate the process of creating photographic series and how they see the world, photographically. 


Sasha Wolf, first and foremost, represents emerging and  mid-career, fine art photographers.  After owning the important New York photo gallery, Sasha Wolf Gallery, for 10 years, Sasha transitioned back to a private space in 2017. Sasha continues her work to place her artist’s photographs in important private and public collections, edit and support their various book and magazine publications and curate and support their exhibitions. 

Sasha is currently completing a book of interviews with many of today’s most important photographers, among them: Dawoud Bey, Paul Graham, Doug Dubois, Elinor Carucci, Katy Grannan, Mark Steinmetz, John Chiara, Richard Renaldi, Matthew Pillsbury, Andrew Moore and many others. Sasha is producing video segments- additional interviews with the artists-  as visual accompaniment to the book. 

Sasha reviews or judges work for leading art institutions and fairs numerous times a year (Filter Photo, FotoFest, Photo NOLA, ICP, SVA, The New York Times, Women in Photography, Daylight, Look 3, NY Photo Festival) and conducts artist’s workshops around the country on professional practices and working with galleries (Columbia University MFA, School of Visual Arts MFA, Photo NOLA, Look3, Filter Photo, Aperture Foundation).  

Additionally, Sasha works with a larger group of artists on career guidance, book production, editing and sequencing and other aspects of her consultation practice.

Prior to her work in the fine art photography world, Sasha was a writer, director and producer in the film and television industries and an award winning short filmmaker. Her last film, Joe, was nominated for the Palme d'Or du court métrage at Cannes and has screened all over the world.

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