Guy Lafontaine | Curator and Photographer

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Guy will lecture about museums, photography events, artist-run centres, galleries, photo book publishers, and the Photobook Club Montreal. All chosen for their significance in the Quebec photography scene.
Being curious by nature, Guy is always up to date on the Quebec photography scene. For the last 30+ years, he has seen a fair portion of the trends in Quebec photography.
This lecture allows him to share what he knows and give a much better understanding of what happens and the various opportunities for photographers and photography lovers in Quebec.


I have been living and working in Montreal for the last 30 years. Working as a professional mechanical designer for all my whole career, I have an insider’s view of the industrial environments, equipments and un-common places on which I get to intervene, either as a mechanical designer or as a photographer for my personal documentary projects. My dual background allows me to create visually strong and well structured images that can have a meaningful informative side as well.

As a self-educated photographer/curator, I evolved through the various projects that I create, slowly building myself a strong artistic experience along the way. As the american photographer Walker Evans stated, I describe myself as “documentary style” photographer. Subjects that I worked on through the years are: several large manufacturing industries (either about to close and or being drastically transformed), a major paper mill in the closing process, an hotel/convention centre complex being demolished, the largest nuclear bunker in Canada between it’s active and it’s museum period, hydro power plants, downtown store front reflections and various urban landscapes of humble worker’s houses alongside industrial sites, highways, railroads and major power lines.