Cory Wilyman

Friday May 11, 2018- Sunday May 13, 2018 10am-6pm

Reception Saturday May 12, 2018 7:00pm-11:00pm

918 Bathurst Cultural Centre- Gallery

Free Admission to Gallery Only- Open to the Public

Sakshi (Saksi साक्षी) is the Hindi word meaning "witness, or one who witnesses the world with pure awareness but does not get affected or involved". This is how I chose to approach my photography. I chose to be a silent observer, covertly catching glimpses of the subjects' personal worlds. Working as a Cinematographer in the television commercial world, my role is to manipulate and contrive light and subject matter to create the final image on screen. Photography to me is more about encapsulating a “moment in time”. Letting my eye capture the frame as opposed to orchestrating the subject manner. Keeping my photos emotionally neutral was my goal. India is full of dramatic images and subject matter. I tried to capture human yet non-sensationalized images.

This is a collection of 35mm, hand printed, hand toned, silver gelatin lith prints. The printing process creates a unique, one of a kind print. The images are printed in a soft, gritty, textured style that reflects my solo journey throughout chaotic India.

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